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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use WS_FTP?


Below are the instructions on how to use WS_FTP.

1. You will need your FTP information from Web Monger. Locate the part of the e-mail with your "HostName", "UserID", and "Password" information.

2. Once you have dowloaded and installed WS_FTP, you will need to start up WS_FTP from either the Start Menu or your Desktop. You should first be prompted with a "Session" dialog box.

3. You will start configuring WS_FTP in the following areas:

  • Profile Name: This is any name you wish to identify your ftp information.
  • Host Name: Your Web address (ftp.yourcompany.com)
  • Host Type: Automatic Detect
  • User ID: Your login name ("Login" in your initial e-mail)
  • Password: Password (BE SURE to put a check in the Save Password box)
The remaining entries should remain empty.

4. Click the "OK" button and WS_FTP should start logging you into your FTP site. If there are any login error messages in the message box in the lower part of the WS_FTP screen, please check your HostName, UserID, and Password (the password is CASE sensitive, meaning 'YOURPASSWORD' is different from 'yourpassword'.

5. Once you have correctly ftp'd to your server. You will see your server directories in the right-hand window. Your local machine is on the left hand side. You have now accessed your "Document Root" or where browsers can read from. This is where you will ftp your files.

(Note: When setting up your HTML files, BE SURE name your homepage (your main page) - 'index.htm' or 'index.html'
Files are case sensitive. If you document says MYFILE.HTM then your file must be saved as MYFILE.HTM not myfile.htm.
Any subdirectories you would like to create may be created in the 'htdocs' directory.

The 'MkDir' button creates a directory.
The 'RmDir' button removes a directory.


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