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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload/publish files through FrontPage?


To upload files to your domain through FrontPage, please follow the below instructions.


NOTE: - FrontPage extensions must be installed on your account prior to attempts to publish. If you have difficulties, call Web Monger to be sure that FrontPage extensions have been installed.

  1. Open the FrontPage application.
  2. Under the File menu, click on "Open Web".
  3. A pop box will appear, enter the domain's URL without the www extension; for example
  4. Another pop box will appear for the username and password, enter the FTP username and password assigned for that domain's FrontPage extensions; for example
    username: bob
    password: password
  5. You are now connected to your domain through FrontPage via http (port: 80). You can now design the web pages as desired or open the files from your local computer and upload them to your domain.


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