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Billing Procedures


Billing Notification
Web Monger, LLC will usually have invoices and statements emailed to you.

Updating Your Account Information
You must inform Web Monger, LLC of any changes to your customer information. This includes addresses, phone numbers, contact names, and most importantly your email address. Notices from Web Monger, LLC are usually sent via email. Disruptions in service could occur if your account information is not kept current.

Collection Procedures
If your account becomes overdue after the due date you will receive a reminder via email that we have not received your payment. If payment is not received within 3 days of the due date you will possibly experience an interruption in service(FTP and other services). Your account will then be turned over to our collection department and a reinstatement fee of $35 will be assessed to your account. If you experience an interruption in service due to nonpayment, you may contact Web Monger, LLC at: 727-434-8327.

If you fail to pay for services rendered, when your account becomes more that 60 days past due, we will remove your data from our servers and your delinquency will be reported to the credit bureau.If we pursue any legal remedy and obtain judgment against you, we will enforce that judgment. If you pay and we receive notice of returned payment for any reason to include insufficient funds and/or fraud, we will charge you any associated collection costs to include attorney and collection fees.

If You Pay by Credit Card
If you pay by credit card, your credit card will be charged at the time of setup for new services. For the recurring amount due for existing services on your account, your credit card will be charged on or about the same day of every month. Please ensure that we have updated credit card information at all times. If your credit card is declined, your service will be suspended. Web Monger, LLC will attempt to provide an email notice that your credit card has been declined, however if your account is deactivated for a balance due, you will be subject to a $35 reactivation fee. You must submit a reactivation request with your payment to re-establish your service.

If you initiate a chargeback through your credit card company for any reason, Web Monger, LLC may at its own discretion immediately suspend your service. To re-establish your service, Web Monger, LLC may require you to provide a secure form of payment, which, at eb Monger, LLC's own discretion, may include a signed and notarized statement that you authorize Web Monger, LLC to charge your credit card for the appropriate amount. This amount will include a 325 reactivation fee.

If You Pay by Personal or Company Check
If you pay by personal or company check, you will be invoiced at the time of setup for new services, however these services might not be provisioned until we receive your payment. For the recurring amount due for existing services on your account, you will be invoiced on or about the first day of each applicable month. Your payment is considered late after 15 days and your service will be subject to suspension. Please ensure that we have your most recent contact information at all times. Web Monger, LLC will attempt to provide an email notice that your account is past due, however if your account is suspended for a balance due, you will be subject to a $35 reactivation fee. You must submit a reactivation request and possibly a secure form of payment to reestablish your service. Please mail payments to:

Web Monger, LLC
12937 Seronera Valley Ct
Spring Hill, FL 34610

Disk Usage
If you require more disk space than the service plan you have chosen, additional disk space may be purchased in 5MB increments at the rate of $0.75 per MB per month.

Web Monger, LLC will notify you via the email address if you are within 80% of your disk usage utilization. If you exceed your allotted disk space, you may be required to purchase additional space in order to restore all services for your account, or remove data to get your disk space utilization under your allotted amount. If you do not provide an email address, you are in danger of not receiving this important email.

Billing Cycle
Although annual billing is optimal, Web Monger, LLC offers a monthly billing cycle to all customers for most hosting plans. Monthly billing cycles are available via Credit Card payment only. Web Monger, LLC does not pro-rate all plans. If you have billing questions, please call 727-434-8327.

Data Transfer
Web Monger, LLC charges $0.08 per MB should you exceed your allotted monthly data transfer. Web Monger, LLC offers dedicated bandwidth packages for customers who require greater amounts of bandwidth. Only a handful of customers exceed Web Monger, LLC's generous data transfer allocations.

Upgrade Policy
If you upgrade, your next statement will reflect the difference between what you are currently paying and the fee for your new service. A setup fee is required for some upgrades. If you have questions about changing your account or would like to upgrade you account, please contact an us at 727-434-8327 for details.

Late Fee
In the event that your account is deactivated due to nonpayment, your payment must include the $35.00 late fee for your account(s) to be reactivated.

Canceling Your Account

If you wish to close an individual plan or to cancel your service with Web Monger, LLC, please call us at 727-434-8327.

Thank you for hosting with Web Monger, LLC!


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